About Me

Hey y’all and welcome to my blog, The Carolina Bea!

The Carolina Bea is a blog dedicated to fashion and lifestyle! At The Carolina Bea, you can read blog posts ranging from favorite fashion finds, to travel, to my story with weight loss surgery, and everything in between. This is a place where I hope to share my journey with you, encourage you, laugh with you, and offer a little transparency.

To introduce myself, my name is Rebekah Griffith and I am from the beautiful bluegrass state! I am 26 years old, from Southeastern Kentucky, and a high school English teacher by day.

Just to give you a little more background information, I am a graduate from Union College and University of the Cumberlands in Kentucky. I majored in English and Education in undergrad and earned MAED in graduate school as a Literacy Specialist. I am from a BIG family that is made up of loving parents, step-parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, and beautiful nieces and nephews.

When I have free time, I love to spend time with my friends and family and I love to travel! I live in a VERY small town, which holds both charm and frustration, so I love to escape and get away, even if it is just to the town an hour and a half away. I absolutely love to shop and spend my money when I shouldn’t. I am also a major nerd: I love to read, I occasionally write, and as adventurous as I love to be, there is no better place than my couch while I watch Netflix.

While at The Carolina Bea, I hope you gain a sense of who I am and I hope you find something you can relate to, whether it is fashion inspiration, encouragement from my weight loss journey, or a laugh as I navigate my life as a 20-something in the throws of it. Please say hi either on the blog or on my instagram, @thecarolinabea. Thanks, y’all!

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