If you are someone who regularly browses the internet, and I’m assuming you are if you are visiting this site, then you would be aware of TED talks. TED talks are “ideas worth spreading.” TED talks can range from a variety of topics, from technology to education to culture. Today, in Corbin, Kentucky, TEDx organized speakers to speak about the theme, Grounded in connection to the Appalachian region.

My friends and I at Grounded

As an Appalachian woman, this was an incredible experience. I believe that many people have a fixed stereotype of Appalachia and the type of people who live here, which I understand, because most individuals do have ideas about certain cultures. Today, though, we were able to come together and hear inspiring individuals who are proud of this area and who are activists, scientists, educators, and poets.

The talks today were very insightful and inspiring, all of which were centered around the idea of being Grounded in Appalachia, both historically, presently, and in the future. Each speaker had a unique perspective about what this region meant to them and their own journeys. If you are at all interested in Appalachian heritage and culture, please watch the TEDxCorbin talks.

Our Appalachian region is vibrant and the people who live here are very much community driven: we are committed to encouraging Appalachians and working together to make our community a better place. Every person in attendance was dedicated to this hope. My home is such a beautiful place with wonderful, hospitable people and I hope this is what you think of when you think of Appalachia! P.S. when you read Appalachia, make sure you pronounce is like Apple-ah-cha, not apple-ay-sha: this is crucial.

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