Weekend Outfits

One of my favorite things about the weekend is, of course, the time to relax after working with teenagers all week. One of my other favorite things about the weekend is the chance to play with outfits, whether they are for a wedding, working out, errands, or birthday parties (all of which my outfits were worn to). I think my style is mostly a preppy, southern style, but I definitely love to mix and experiment with different styles and fashion pieces. All fo the outfits you see in this post are, I would say, a class style.

Wedding Ready

P.S. Give me time with pictures. I’m trying to get better and find a photographer!

Last weekend I went to a wedding to celebrate a couple who is absolutely adorable! Although last weekend was a little chilly, it was absolutely beautiful with the sun shining, so I wanted to wear something springy, but also warm, so I wore a dress I found on sale at Anthropoligie. It’s light pink and adorable! I got a size L and I think the fit was perfect. It wasn’t necessarily a tight fit, but just right. I paired it with suede pumps I found at Off Broadway Shoes and a coat my mother bought me when I was in middle school!

Channeling my Inner Elle Woods

Today, I channeled Elle Woods and wore this amazing Sisterhood hoodie from Draper James with jeans and my pink Birkenstocks for a pop of color! Who isn’t obsessed with Reese Witherspoon and her amazing clothing line? This hoodie is comfy and cute for errands or a 5 year old’s birthday party, which is what I wore it to! The hoodie is a size L and actually fits a little big. When I bought this hoodie, I was about 20 pounds heavier, so it’s a little big now, but still cute and comfy for a day out and about!

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