“Come Matter Here”

I hope you fall in love with cities, coffee shops, people, and good books. I hope you fall in love with your place in this world. People always told me love was quick and instant. I was afraid to blink, because ‘what if I missed it?’ But I don’t want to tell you the same thing. I don’t think it’s all instant or quick. You will fall in love with people, cities, jobs, and prospects in an instant, but after that, the hard work of staying in love will remain. Dig in. Don’t be afraid of that. There’s all sorts of gold in learning how to stay in love after the magic wears off and the fireworks stop exploding.

Come Matter Here
Hannah Brencher

About two years ago, I bought this book after I watched a story of a follower who went to listen to Hannah Brencher speak publicly. I had never heard of her but I instantly felt a kinship with her story and how she witnesses to others. If you are not familiar, Hannah Brencher is a blogger, author, and speaker who advocates for mental health and a number of other different topics. If you haven’t already, you should follow her on instagram, @hannahbrencher, to hear more from her! https://www.hannahbrenchercreative.com/meet-her/

Now back to her book, Come Matter Here is a memoir of Hannah’s life as an adult who is managing her mental health, her relationship with Christ, and her relationship with friends, family, and significant others. The memoir is filled with pockets of wisdom and advice that all stem from Hannah’s own experience.

I really felt a connection to this book because it was raw and real. So often, we find people who are in the public eye and make their lives look glamorous, but Hannah showed the reality of life. The ups and downs, the lessons, and how to grow from what we learn. I really appreciated the honesty and how I could relate with her journey. From dealing with depression, to online dating, and to a relationship with Christ, Hannah covered many of the challenges young women, and men, face daily and it was refreshing to hear honesty.

The book is also filled with prayers that you can use for different seasons of your life. I loved this part of the book because it also turned her memoir into a devotional for me. Often, as a 26 year old, it can be hard to find devotions that are both uplifting and realistic, but I felt like her demonstration of her faith really helped me consider me own faith, which I very much appreciated.

So if you haven’t already fell in love with Hannah’s words like I have, please go follow her on instagram @hannahbrencher, check out her website, and go buy her book on amazon or Books, or whatever platform you prefer.

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